Skokie Theatre Needs Your Help!

Skokie Theatricals


is a 501(c)3 foundation established to support the Skokie Theatre.  Your contributions keep performing arts alive in our community and help three ways:

* Provide Educational Support

* Increase Awareness in the Community

* Maintain the Historically Elegant Building


Ticket sales alone can not keep an entertainment center thriving.  Please help with a tax-deductable contribution today.



Over 250 children have performed or taken classes on our stage this past year.  And Skokie Theatre has become home to some of the finest training programs on the North Shore.


*  Broadway, Our Way!

*  The Performers' School

*  David Petro's Broadway


*  Virtuoso Children's


*  Lincoln Jr. High

*  McCracken School


Your donation allows us provide space for these groups and other charities at discount rates.



A theatre gives people reasons to visit Downtown Skokie.  They spend money in restaurants, they visit local shops, and they become aware of what the community offers. But the print ads, radio spots, and TV coverage that brings new visitors into town can be prohibitively expensive for a venue of our size.  This year we have:


*  Held over 160


*  Entertained over 9,000


*  Had 14,000 empty seats


Your donation helps fill those seats, and brings new people and revenue to the shops and restaurants of Downtown Skokie.



The Skokie Theatre was built in 1912 and was a founding member of the Skokie Chamber of Commerce.


In 2006, the building was overhauled and turned into a modern, acoustically perfect concert hall. But nine years later, facades are starting to show wear and tear, and technology quickly becomes out of date.  We are home for some of the most exciting entertainers in the area including:


*  Charlene Brooks

*  Caryn Bark and the

    Funny Old Broads

*  Darryl Nitz Entertainment

*  Carla Gordon

*  Megon McDonnough

*  MadKap Productions


Your donation provides a state-of-the-art environment for these and other performers, in a building that remains a proud icon for the city.


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